This year I received a very special Easter gift - the opportunity to work on an Easter Special Animation for McDonalds with a group of really amazing creatives! It was an incredibly amusing and at times bumpy process creating this positively crazy piece of animation that will take you on a very tasty roller coaster ride! 
Illustration & animation production: Artbox > centre for creation
Producer: Geert Jansen, Jes Iken

Animation and creative direction: a good beer
Creative production director: Geert Jansen
Animation direction: Amanda Nedermeijer

Lead illustrator: Eduardo Bertone

Storyboard artist: Diederick Geers
Character illustration: Saverio Wielkens
Environment illustration: Jeen Berting

Animation: Magdalena Dużej, Amanda Nedermeijer, Lieke Milder, Mitch Versluis, Tessa Stehouwer, Nicole Lewis. 
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