If I ever had a dream collaboration in mind - it was definitely a collaboration with TEDx! So I am extremely happy to share with you the intro I made for TEDxCulverCity.
It was a pure pleasure to be a part of this ✨
Let's see how it's done! 

It began as a series of simple sketches that were meant to outline the plot and explain the idea. 
My story was a representation of how we can influence others through ideas. The main character (red ball), thanks to its influence, activates more and more other (previously sedated) balls, which eventually acquire color and join it. 
Then I moved on to making key visuals. I wanted the visual layer to develop from dark to light (from unknown to known) and for the contrasting colors to make the whole look dynamic and expressive. 
I had in my mind the idea of rotating the camera from the top view to the side view in the transition, so I decided to help myself with a (very basic) reference made in Blender that helped me get the whole perspective right. 
Then I remade the whole thing in After Effects adding colors, highlights and some grain noise.
It was very important for me to show the speed with which the idea can spread, so I created a shot in which all the red dots accelerate and fly together at a dizzying pace. 

As an icing on the cake, I also decided to add these separately animated, playful dot over the i, which corresponds with the dynamics of the previous shot. 
And that's it! 
Thank you for your attention.
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