Small, fun personal project inspired by the monday-morning mail full of messages! 
Lets take a look at some WIP
I started with illustration. I used strong contrasts, simple colors and harmonious composition. The overall tone was to be friendly and personal. 
Then I made a moving sketch of timing and motion. I knew that some elements would have to be animated frame by frame (the cup and the envelope) so I wanted to create as clear a base for myself as possible for further work. Therefore, I created this simple geometric composition in After Effects. I used Cinema 4D to rotate the mug.
The first sketch of the mug's rotation was done in Cinema 4D, but the final illustrations were already done in Adobe Illustrator. I also added a frame-by-frame animation of the liquid. 
Then comes the time for the envelope. I started with a very simple outline of the trajectory and stretching using After Effects. The next sketches were already done in Illustrator. While I was working, I also experimented with the timing to make the envelope have a smoother and more concrete movement.  It also turned out that the yellow envelope gets lost in the background, so I changed its color to blue. 

Cursor jumping is a funny addition made in Cinema 4D.
And at the very end, additional effects that emphasize the impact of the envelope on the screen. 
Thats it!  Thanks for your attention! 
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